Biology Mock Test 2023 : Subject-wise Test Series

Students are currently getting ready for their entrance tests. Students go through several study resources, leaving them confused about which ones to use. The candidates should therefore be familiar with all types of queries. Without taking the Biology Mock Test 2023, they won’t get the full preparation they need.

Biology Mock Test 2023
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Biology Mock Test 4 (Eng.)

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Exam Instructions :
1- The Examination Contain 30 Objective Type Questions.

2- There Will Be 30 Questions And Time Allotted 20 Minutes.

3- One Mark(S) Will Be Awarded For Each Correct Answer.

4- NO Mark(S) Will Be Deducted For  Wrong Answer.

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1) Which Disease Is Also Known As 'Yakshma' Or 'Kak Rog'?

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2) Which Of The Following Diseases Is Transmitted By House Fly?,

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3) Which Disease Was Discovered By Sir Ronald Ross?

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4) In Which Disease The Parathyroid Gland Gets Swollen?

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5) Which One Of The Following Is A Skin Disease?

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6) What Causes Plague Infection? Housefly

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7) Which Of The Following Is Not A Viral Disease?

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8) Which Disease Is Transmitted Through The Air Mostly In Children?

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9) Which Of The Following Diseases Is Caused By Helminths?

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10) Who Discovered Bacteria And In Which Year?

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11) Who Was The Inventor Of Vitamin K

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12) Who Was Discovered By Batting?

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13) Which Disease Is Also Known As 'Motijhra' Or 'Intermittent Fever'?

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14) By Whom Was The Disease Named Beri-Bari Discovered?

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15) Which Is The Latest Developed Medicine For Tuberculosis?

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16) Which Disease Is Caused By The Malfunction Of The Pancreas?

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17) In Which Year Was Aspirin Discovered?

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18) Which Disease Affects The Brain?

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19) Protozoa Of Which Of The Following Diseases Is C.C. Lives In A Fly?

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20) Thyroxine Was Discovered By ,

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21) Homeopathy System Of Medicine Was Discovered By?

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22) What Was Discovered By Landsteiner?

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23) Which Disease Affects The Central Nervous System?

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24) Who Invented The Rabies Vaccine?

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25) In Which Disease Do Nets Come In The Breathing Tubes?

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26) Which Of The Following Is A Fungal Disease?

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27) By Whom The Bacteria Of Cholera Disease Spreads?

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28) 'Masoorika Sign' Is The Symptom Of Which Disease?

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29) Which Disease Is Caused By Lyssa Virus Type-1

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30) Which One Of The Following Is A Mental Illness?

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Biology mock Test For NEET English 2023

It is crucial to take the Biology Mock Test 2023 in order to identify any gaps in knowledge or preparation. It is strongly encouraged for those who self-study to review the most recent mock exam samples. The ideal method of preparation is a mock test because it allows you to gain a deeper comprehension of the material. The Biology Mock Test 2023 was developed after careful observation and analysis of the question banks and practice tests from the previous year. Exam patterns, mark distributions, and difficulty levels were taken into consideration when creating these mock exams. The applicants can analyze their performance in the subject and its themes in depth. Candidates must regularly practice and be evaluated, which the Biology Mock Test can help with.

This mock test will give you more confidence and help you plan. Students must carefully evaluate their performance after each practice test in order to improve it for the real test. I wish you the best for all your hard work and accomplishments. The path to your goal may be difficult, but getting there boosts your confidence.

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