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biology mock test English
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Biology Mock Test 1 (Eng.)

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Exam Instructions :
1- The Examination Contain 30 Objective Type Questions.

2- There Will Be 30 Questions And Time Allotted 20 Minutes.

3- One Mark(S) Will Be Awarded For Each Correct Answer.

4- NO Mark(S) Will Be Deducted For  Wrong Answer.

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1) How Many Bones Are There In The Face Of A Human Being?

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2) Which Of The Following Are Suicides?

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3) The Colors Of Flowers And Fruits Are Due To What?

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4) How Many Taste Buds Are There In The Human Body?

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5) Which Of The Following Is Not A Bone Of The Feet?

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6) In Which Food Items Are Oxidized?

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7) By Which Of The Following Membrane Is The Vacuole Enclosed?

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8) Whose Deficiency Causes Goitre Or Goitre?

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9) Which Of The Following Enzymes Digests Milk?

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10) Which Cell Is Also Called Power House?

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11) How Many Bones Are There In The Human Body

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12) How Many Milk Teeth Does A Human Have 4

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13) How Much Water Is There In The Bones?

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14) Which Of The Following Is Related To Secretion?

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15) Who Discovered Lysosome?

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16) Which Of The Following Has Control Over The Voluntary Nervous System?

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17) In Which Year Was The Cell First Discovered?

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18) What Is A Group Of Cells Called?

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19) How Many Frequencies Of Vibrations Per Second Can The Human Ear Hear?

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20) Which Organ System Was Discovered By William Harvey?

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21) Who Does Protein Synthesis In The Cell?

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22) Which Of The Following Organ Stores Food In The Form Of Glycogen?

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23) Which Of The Following Is A Mixed Gland?

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24) Which Is Also Called Dictyosomes?

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25) Which Is Originated From Endoplasmic Reticulum?

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26) What Is The Jelly Like Substance Present In Each Cell Called?

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27) The Vertebral System Is Made Up Of How Many Bones In Total ?

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28) Who Does Protein Synthesis In The Cell?

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29) Who Among The Following Discovered The Cell?

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30) Whose Number Is Fixed For A Particular Caste?

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mock test biology english

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