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Biology Mock Test Online English
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Biology Mock Test 3 (Eng.)

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Exam Instructions :
1- The Examination Contain 30 Objective Type Questions.

2- There Will Be 30 Questions And Time Allotted 20 Minutes.

3- One Mark(S) Will Be Awarded For Each Correct Answer.

4- NO Mark(S) Will Be Deducted For  Wrong Answer.

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1) Which Of The Following Organelles Is The Largest?

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2) Normally What Is The Rate Of Respiration In Humans? (Times/Min)

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3) Tylenin In Saliva Is Activated By Which Of The Following?

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4) Kwashiorkor Disease In Children Is Due To Deficiency Of :

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5) Obesity Is Caused Due To Excess Of?

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6) Deficiency Of Which Vitamin Causes 'Pellagra' Disease?

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7) Which Of The Following Sugar Is Normally Present In Our Blood

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8) Which Of The Following Is Not A Polysaccharide Carbohydrate?

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9) Scurvy Disease Is Caused By The Deficiency Of Which Vitamin?

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10) Which Of The Following Controls The Heart Beat And Pulse System?

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11) For How Long Does The Food Remain In The Stomach?

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12) Which Of The Following Vitamins Is Obtained From Sunlight

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13) In Which Of The Following Organs Vitamin (K) Is Manufactured?

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14) What Is The Amount Of Caloric Energy Required By A Normal Male Per Day?

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15) What Is Measured By Sphygmomanometer?

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16) Which Vitamin Helps In The Formation Of Blood

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17) Which Disease Is Also Known As 'Dhanushtankar' Disease?

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18) Which Mineral Salt Is Required In The Formation Of Haemoglobin?

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19) From Which Of The Following Maximum Energy Is Obtained?

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20) Deficiency Of Which Vitamin Causes The Disease Called 'Beri-Beri'?

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21) Which Vitamin Is Helpful In Blood Clotting?

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22) Which Of The Following Vitamins Is Not Soluble In Fat?

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23) Which Vitamin Is Also Known As Fertility Vitamin?

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24) Out Of Which Of These The Outer Skeleton Of Insects Is Made?

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25) Which Of The Following Is The Best Source Of Protein?

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26) Which Of The Following Is Also Called Protective Food?

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27) Which Of The Following Is Not Digested In The Placenta

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28) Which Disease Is Prevented By DPT Vaccination In Children?,,,

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29) Which Of The Following Vitamins Helps In Wound Healing?

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30) Which Of The Following Is Not A Bacterial Disease?

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Biology Mock test english

These days, students are preparing for their entrance exams. Students go through a lot of study materials, making them unsure of the right material to study from. That is why the candidates should be well-versed in all types of questions. Their preparation will be incomplete without testing their ability by going through the Biology Mock Test in English.

It is important to attempt the Biology Mock Test Online English to know where they lack in their preparation or in understanding the topics. Those who self-study are highly advised to go through the latest mock test samples available. A mock test is the right way to prepare yourself because it gives you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

The Biology Mock Test Online is developed after observing and analyzing the previous year’s question papers & previous mock tests. While developing these mock tests, exam patterns, mark distributions, and difficulty levels, have been considered. Practicing enables the aspirants to have an in-depth analysis of their performance in the subject and its topics. Candidates need regular practice and assessment, which can be done with the help of Biology Mock Test Online English.

Biology Mock Test Help you Strategize and will boost your confidence. After each mock test, students must carefully analyze their performance and aim to perform better in the next test. Way towards your goal may be hard but reaching there adds up to your confidence, thus wishing you all the best for all your hard work and success.