Biology Test for NEET English

Hello everyone. Looking at today’s time, we all know that there is a lot of competition, whether it is about a job or a business. If it is seen from the present point of view, then our country, I mean our beloved country, India, is no exception. In India, the youth in the age group of 16 to 32 aspire for a government job and have to work very hard to fulfill their dream. Looking at your hard work, we have prepared many types of tests for you, but now, wherever you go, the name of this test series is Biology Test for NEET English.

Biology Test for NEET English
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Biology Mock Test 5 (Eng.)

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Exam Instructions :
1- The Examination Contain 30 Objective Type Questions.

2- There Will Be 30 Questions And Time Allotted 20 Minutes.

3- One Mark(S) Will Be Awarded For Each Correct Answer.

4- NO Mark(S) Will Be Deducted For  Wrong Answer.

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1) Which One Of The Following Is The Stored Food Substance Of Plants

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2) Whose Chemical Name Is Folic Acid?

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3) Sukc-rose Is More In Which ?

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4) Who Was The Originator Of L.S.D. ?

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5) Which Is The Source Of Condensed Protein In Vegetarian Food?,,,

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6) Who Invented The Stethoscope For Medicine?

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7) Which Is Also Called 'Enteric Fever'?

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8) Who Discovered The Treatment Of Malaria?

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9) The Base Sequence UUU Represents Which Amino Acid?

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10) How Much Water Should A Healthy Person Drink On An Average?

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11) B. C.G. Were Discovered ?

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12) Who First Gave Information About Blood Circulation?

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13) Which Of The Following Is A Genetic Disease?

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14) From Which Part Urea Is Manufactured?

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15) Which Mineral Is Present In Maximum Quantity In The Body?

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16) Which Part Of The Body Is Affected In The Disease Called Amebiasis?

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17) How Are The Germs That Enter The Body With Food Destroyed?

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18) Which Of The Following Is Called The Intracellular Messengers Of The Body?

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19) Which Of The Following Organisms Has Two Nuclei?

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20) The Active Chemical In Mosquito Repellent Is?

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21) Who Was Discovered By Hopkins?

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22) Which One Of The Following Can Cause Cancer As Well As Cure It Depending Upon The Intensity And Usage?

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23) Antibodies Are Made In What?

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24) Which Of The Following Is The Chemical Name Of Vitamin E?

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25) Approximately How Much Saliva Is Secreted Daily In Humans?

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26) In Which Disease O.R.S. Does The Solution Work?

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27) With Which Of The Following Actions Is The Arnidhin Chakra Related?

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28) Who Was The Inventor Of Polio Vaccine?

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29) Which Of The Following Gland Is Not Controlled By Piyush Or Master Gland?

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30) Is A Self Grown Crop?

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Biology Test Online English

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To complete your online test practice and preparation, after giving Biology Test For NEET English online test or practice test, do let us know how you felt the level of the test so that we can rectify our shortcomings. Biology Test for NEET English helps you to achieve your goal.

Mock Test Biology English

In This Section You Will Get The Best And Most Expected Questions, Questions Are Very Unique And New, Upcoming Exam free Biology test questions, Which will help you for your competitive exams, like NEET, Medical Entrance exams. Biology Questions Are Listed Like CBT, Real Exam Pattern, Questions Are Very Unique And Prepared By Experts. This online test for biology is a replica of an actual online certification exam. Four options will be presented to you for Multiple Choice Questions based on biology concepts. You will quickly move on to the following question after choosing the best response to the given question. After completing the entire test, you will receive your online test score.