preposition definition and examples

preposition definition and examples

Preposition is made up from two words

Definition– A Word is used before a noun and shows it’s relation with another word of the sentence.

Rule Of Preposition

Preposition Used before

preposition definition and examples

LoctionDirectionTimeVerbspatial relation
towardByaboutOut of
From tounder
Ahead of
In front of
Near by

preposition for Location

Use Of on – when the following noun is located on a surface and attach or touching something.

  1. on the table
  2. on the floor
  3. on the roof

Use of in – when the following noun is located in an enclosed area .(surround or Closed of on all sides)

  1. my money is in my pocket.
  2. my new shoes is in this box.
  3. in the box.

use of at – when the noun is located at a specific point or location.

  1. she is waiting at the entrance
  2. i currently live at village morna in noida.
  3. he is born at this hospital.

in-on-at Example

On surfaceat pointin enclosed area
on the wallat the cornerin the garden
on the cellingat the bus stopin london
on the dorrat the doorin france
on the coverat the top of the pagein a box
on the floorat the end of the roadin my pocket
on the carpitat the entrancein my wallet
on the menuat the crossroadsin a car

preposition definition and examples

Preposition for direction

Use of on/onto – when the noun is moving to a surface (Onto is called dynemic preposition because it’s show moving sense in the sentence)

  1. the cat jumped onto the table.
  2. the cat lay on the sofa.

use of In/into – when the noun is moving towards on enclosed area. (here into is called dynemic preposition)

  1. hari put the cake into the oven.
  2. the cake was in the oven.

use of to/towards – when the noun is moving to a destination. where to denotes destination and towards denotes direction.

  1. when i saw jamila, she was walking towards his office.
  2. we are going to mathura.
  3. when i was saw mukesh, he was going towards wine shop.

preposition for time

Preposition definition and  Example worksheet

preposition for Fixed time (In/On/At)

preposition definition and examples


night timeclock timeHoliday
at nightat 7 o clockat holi, at eid
I always study at nightyou come at my home at 4 o clockwe are going to mathura at this holi
Preposition definition and  Example worksheet


Day of weekDatesParticular days
On mondayOn the 17th of aprilOn my birthday
riya is fast on every mondayyour result will be declared on 19th of juneOn This Birthday I Decided To Quit Smoking
Preposition definition and  Example worksheet


part of the daymonthsseasonsyeardecadescenturies
in the morningin aprilin winterin 2022in 1990’sin the 19th centuries
i lost my wallet in the morningmy birthday in aprilmy aunty gift me a some shocks in this winteri think you achived your dream in 2024kishor kumar was an famous actor in 1990’scurrently we live in the 21th centuries

preposition for Extended time(during/since/for/from-to/by)

  1. during-it’s show duration of time.
  2. Since – From A Particular Time In The Post Until A Later Time,Or Until Now.
  3. For – Used To Show An Amount Of Time.
  4. From/To – Used To Show Time When Something Starts.
  5. By – Not Later Than : At Or Before.


  • it was a band’s first live performance since may 1990.
  • i will have it done b tomorrow.
  • you should Received a reply within seven days.
  • he was taken to the hospital during the night.
  • he lived in dubai for five years.
  • we are open from 8 am to 5 pm everyday.
preposition definition and example
Read out it carefully

preposition of verb – to introduce the object of verb

a preposition verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition. it is simply a verb followed by a preposition.

some verb require specific preposition to be used after then in a sentence. the combination of such a verb and its required preposition is called a prepositional verb.

prepositional verb = verb + preposition

  1. she is waiting for him.
  2. he is knocking at the door.
  3. she is listening to music.
  4. the kids are laughing at a joker.
  5. we believe in god.
  6. she is suffering from fever.
  7. i agree with you.

some phrasal verbs example

preposition definition
phrasal verb – take
preposition definitions
phrasal verb – put
preposition definition example
phrasal verb – read
preposition definition and example
phrasal verb – look
preposition worksheet
phrasal verb – break

preposition for spatial relation

limitsrelative positionrelative movement
alongunderout of
near by
in front of
ahead of


preposition definition and examples

Practice test

#1. There is a cow __ the garden.

#2. The Monkey sat __ a wall.

#3. He has a chain __ gold.

#4. I currently live __ morna __ District noida.

#5. I shall do the work __ a week.

#6. He has been ill __ two days.

#7. the axe fail __ the river.

#8. He sat __ a chair.

#9. Anjili was __ her room.

#10. I beg leave to differ___ you.

#11. Beware __ pick-pocket.

#12. We warned him __ The danger.

#13. The Carpet is __ the floor.

#14. Alcohol is injurious__ health.

#15. i love my girlfriend __ heart.



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