Preposition definition example question

(Preposition definition example question)

What is preposition : The word which comes before Noun, Pronoun or Verb and connects it with other words of the sentence, it is called Preposition. Those words or groups of words which are used with a Noun or Pronoun to relate it to other parts of the sentence, it is called Preposition.

We have divided it into some parts for easy learning

academic prepositions example


to – denotes destinations
towards – denotes in the directions

ex- i am going to the station to receive my parents (to)
ex- i have seen him going towards west (towards)


Preposition example definition and test question
(Preposition definition example question)

my father is going to london (to)
she has not come to the office (to)
could you please send your younger brother to my home (to)
ex- i am leaving for london to night (for)
ex- let’s start for the station (for)

Note: “to” is not used before the word “home”, if possessive adjective are used before “home” in this case “to” can be used.

Preposition example definition and test question
(Preposition definition example question)

possessive adjective – my, your , his, her, it’s, their

she came to my home last nightif you are not feeling well, you should go to home.
i went to your home yesterdayi went to go home last night


across: 1. on the opposite side.
2. from one side to another side.

ex- my elder sister lives across the ganga river.
ex- my friend is standing across the road and waving his hands.
ex- there is a bridge across the river.
ex- let us swim across the river.


along: in the same line

ex- i am walking along the road.
ex- turn right and go along the railway tracks.


against: 1. opposing
2. opposite direction
3. pressing on

ex- we should not go against law.
ex- the workers have acted against the order of the director.
ex- it is difficult to paddle the cycle against wind.
ex- it is difficult to sail against the current.


between: used for only two person or things.

ex- distribute the sweets between these two children.
ex- she is sitting between her father and her brother.

Note- between can be used for more than two person or things in order to tell the reciprocal relationship.

Ex- There Is An Alliance Between These Four Countries Of Asia.
Ex- There Is A Co- Operation Between These Five Families Of This Society.

note“and” conjunction is used with between.

ex- if you have any queries, you can contact us between 10 am and 4 pm.
ex- my monthly income from my website is between 10k and 50k.


among/amongst: used for more than two person and things.

ex- the property was divided among the three sister.
ex- distribute the sweets among the school children.

note– generally there is no difference between among and amongst.
but amongst is used if word beginning with a vowel sound.
ex- amongst us, amongst our friends.


amid: used for uncountable noun

ex- a child’s doll was found amid the wreckage of helicopter.
ex- i found a gold ring amid the heap of the garbage.


in-denotes position
into– denotes motion

ex- the boys are sitting in the room.
ex- the came into the room.
ex- i have some money in my wallet.
ex- the frustrated lover jumped into the river.


on– denotes position
onto– denotes motion

ex- the book is lying on the table.
ex- i threw the book onto the table.
ex- the cat is sitting on the car.
ex- the cat is jumped onto the car.

at/in (time)

at- the smallest duration of the day ( dwan, dusk, twilight, sunrise, sunset, midnight,

ex- i love to taking a walk at dawn.

in- used before the name of part of day (in the morning, in the afternoon)

ex- the meeting starts at 7 in the morning.
ex- i go there in the evening.

at night/ in the night

at night– during any night.
in the night– during one particular night.

ex- i often work late at night.
ex- i had to get up to receive my parents in the night.

at/in (place)

at– small place ( village, town, sector, colony )
in– large place ( city, state, country, continent )

ex- i live at morna in noida.
ex- she lives at bapu nagar in jaipur.


up/down: to/at the higher or lower level.

ex- she climbed up the tree when he saw the police.
ex- she came down the tree when the police went.


above/under: to/at the higher or lower level than something

ex- his monthly income is above 10k.
ex- his monthly income is below 10k.
ex- the expenses are far above than expected.
ex- this work is below my dignity.


over/under: to/at the higher or lower level than something but also surface touching

ex- please put the blanket over the baby.
ex- she is sitting under the tree.
ex- could you spread the cloth over the table ?
ex- the cat is sitting under the table.

note– over and under are used for motion as well
ex- you are under the cCTV surveillance.
ex- the plane flew over the clouds.
ex- the babies are under constant supervision.


1. use in sequence sense
ex- there is a garden behind the house.
ex- the car behind us was flashing it’s lights.

2. use in time sense
ex- our college day will soon be far behind us.

3. use in hidden sense also
ex- the moon disappeared behind a cloud.
ex- i knew that behind her smile was sadness.


beside: at the side of

ex- who is this beautiful girl sitting beside you.
ex- she came and sit beside me.

besides: in addition to

ex- besides chocolate, she gave me money to.
ex- besides english, i knew hindi and urdu.

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words with no preposition: example

enterhe entered the examination hall in a hurry.he entered into the examination hall in a hurry.
returnhe will return from his trip tomorrow.he will return back from his trip tomorrow.
investigatethe head cashier investigated the shortfall of cash.the head cashier investigated into the shortfall of cash.
despite despite being successful, she is not happy.despite of being successful, she is not happy.
comprisethe intercollegiate festival comprise various competitionsthe intercollegiate festival comprise of various competitions
describe the students describe the fact of their science project at the exhibition.the students describe about the fact of their science project at the exhibition.
discussemployees discussed the plan to the manager.employees discussed about the plan to the manager.
explain can you explain the cause of your action ?can you explain about the cause of your action ?
attacktom attacked jerry but could not catch ittom attacked on jerry but could not catch it
emphasizethe orienter emphasized the value of discipline in our lives.the orienter emphasized on the value of discipline in our lives.
copei will cope with the employees if they coperate.i will cope up with the employees if they coperate.
ordershe ordered a pizza and a coke.she ordered for a pizza and a coke.
resembleyour face resemble your dad.your face resemble with your father.
ridiculeher mother ridiculed the neighborsher mother ridiculed with the neighbors
approachshe approached to the best doctor in town.she approached to the best doctor in town.
(Preposition definition example question)

Note: Not Used “To” With These Words


ex- i advised her do not eat chicken in summer.
ex- he begged in front of me for life.
ex- she told me you are my life.

what is noun ?


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It’s time to work

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