R T O Mock test in english 1

RTO Exam Online Test – friends, if you want to get a driving license, then now you know that the government has made RTO exam mandatory and it is very important for those who want to get this license. is done That’s why we have brought you RTO Exam Paper in Hindi where you can give online mock test for RTO exam for free and here you can practice online questions asked in driving license paper for RTO exam. 15 questions have been given in this paper which will have to be done in 10 minutes

Driving Licence Practice Set Paper in English 1

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Driving Licence Test In English 1

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Exam Instructions :

1- The Examination Contain 15 Objective Type Questions.

2- There Will Be 15 Questions And Time Allotted 10 Minutes.

3- One Mark(S) Will Be Awarded For Each Correct Answer.

4- NO Mark(S) Will Be Deducted For  Wrong Answer.

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On A One-Way Road, You Should Not:

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What Is ‘Tail-Gating ?

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Vehicle Can Be Seized By Authorized Officers, If

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The Following Sign Represents:

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When The Yellow Light At An Intersection Appears On The Signal Light, The Driver Of An Approaching Vehicle Should

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You Are Overtaking A Car At Night. You Must Ensure That

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When Must You Use A Dipped/ High Beam Headlight During The Day?

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How Do You Know That A Vehicle Is A Transport Vehicle?

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You Are On A Long Downhill Slope. What Should You Do To Help Control The Speed Of Your Vehicle?

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You Are Driving In The Rain. Why Should You Keep Well Back From The Vehicle In Front?

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What Does This Sign Mean?

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When You Change Houses, You Must Inform Your Nearest RTO About The Change In Your Address Within:

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Minimum Distance To Keep From The Vehicle Going In Front

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You Are Driving. A Vehicle Comes Up Quickly Behind, Flashing Headlamps. You Should

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What Is Defensive Driving

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